PARIS Act Would Prevent Trump Family Getting Flood Insurance On Their Properties


Robin Andrews

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Did you know that Mar-a-Lago, by the end of the century, will be partly submerged for most of the year? It seems strange that its owner flat-out rejects that anything needs to be done about climate change, but there you go. Even the serendipitous sinkhole that appeared just in front of the coastal resort recently didn’t do anything to convince him or his clan of fawning cronies.

The President may be looking to get flood insurance for his so-called Winter White House, but a new bill introduced in Congress may prevent him from doing so.

Brought forward by Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon), the PARIS Act, if passed, would guarantee that properties owned by the Commander-in-Chief or his family will not be granted access to the federally subsidized National Flood Insurance Program.

“Congressman Earl Blumenauer today will introduce legislation to ensure Donald Trump has a stake in the catastrophic consequences of ignoring climate science,” an official statement by his press office explains.

PARIS is a rather wonderful, if unsubtle, backronym – Prohibiting Aid for Recipients Ignoring Science.


This particular Congressman is suggesting that you cannot publicly decry the science behind climate change and then build walls and coastal defenses around your beachfront properties to protect them when they’re threatened with increasingly potent hurricanes, storm surges and sea level rise and expect the American taxpayers to foot the bill. Trump has already erected a seawall around one of his golf courses in Ireland for precisely this reason, and it would be utterly ridiculous if the same were to happen around Mar-a-Lago.

Although his family’s personal wealth is likely not as high as they often boast, it’s still monstrous enough to ensure that they could pay for the damages that flooding would cause to their properties. The bill itself is also unlikely to pass through a Republican-controlled House, so it’s likely to never get past the introductory stage.

Blumenauer likely knows this, so he’s announcing the PARIS Act to make a point more than anything else. In a way, he’s asking the POTUS to put his money where his mouth is.

Either way, it’s yet another reminder that the President is incredibly isolated on this issue. By withdrawing from the Paris agreement, Trump has placed his chips with his voter base, and it’s clear he won’t be “listening” to anyone else in any sense – not even his own daughter in this case.

In doing so, he’s found himself up against Independents, Democrats and even some Republicans, Governors of at least 13 states, nearly two-thirds of the American population, the Pope, China, Canada, Africa, Mexico, South America, the European Union, Asia, Australasia, 99 percent of the world’s scientists and, well, pretty much the rest of the planet – including Russia and, most amusingly of all, North Korea.

[H/T: The Hill]


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