Why should you work for IFLScience?

Frankly, we're awesome. You get to talk about science all day and hang about with our other awesome employees. And you don't just get to enjoy coming to work every day, you also get amazing benefits.

Here are some recommendations from former employees of ours:

"Sometimes they break out into song. Also, the dog gives excellent cuddles." (Please note the dog is in our London office. We do not currently have a San Fransisco dog. If you can contribute a dog for cuddling, please let us know in your application!)
   - Ben Taub, former staff writer

"From Science to kittens, the fun never stops".
   - Phil Sinyavsky, former head of ad operations

"Cookies appear a lot. And doughnuts. And sometimes puppies. Also, there's a poltergeist in our lift"
   - Dr Robin Andrews, former staff writer.

"Our lunch time crossword sessions are really exciting"
   - Jonny O'Callaghan, former senior staff writer.

Why you should work for IFLS, according to current employees:

"Our receptionist is a dinosaur, our cocktails come with dry ice, and Obi Wan Kenobi lives in our board room"
   - Katy Evans, copy-editor

Open positions will be listed below. However, we're constantly growing and we welcome speculative applications. if you're interested in working with us, please feel free to email and we'll keep your CV on file for when we next have an opening 



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 There are currently no open positions at this time.