The Alien Mummies Were Apparently Alive And Filled With Eggs, Frank Rubio Marks A Whole Year In Space, And Much More This Week

All the biggest science news stories of the week.


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Social Media and Marketing Assistant

All the biggest science news stories of the week.

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This week new research suggests the Amazon rainforest’s dark earth may have been intentionally created by ancient cultures, the earliest known wooden structure ever discovered may have been found in Africa, and a deceased man appears to have undergone complete natural mummification in less than 16 days. Finally, we question if there is evidence pointing to the “end times” in the US.

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Now They're Claiming The Alien Mummies Were Alive And Filled With Eggs

In an incredible achievement previously not thought possible, the story of the "mummified aliens" that have been "found" in mines in the city of Cusco, Peru, has gotten even stupider. That's right, there are now claims the alien was alive and filled with eggs. So, what do we make of this? Unsurprisingly, we're coming down on the side of heavy skepticism. Read the full story here


We Now Know Where The Amazon’s Mysterious Dark Earth Comes From

Ancient patches of super fertile black soil have been found dotted throughout the Amazon rainforest, supporting agricultural communities within the dense jungle for thousands of years. Over recent decades, archaeologists have been struggling to come up with an explanation for this so-called Amazonian "dark earth", yet new research shows that it was intentionally created by ancient cultures - and continues to be produced by modern Indigenous communities. Read the full story here

Frank Rubio Becomes First US Astronaut To Spend A Whole Year In Space

This week, Frank Rubio not only broke the record for spending the longest time in space of any NASA astronaut, he also became the first-ever US astronaut to spend a whole consecutive year in space, and he’s still got a few more days to go before he comes down to Earth on September 27. Read the full story here

World's Oldest Wooden Structure Made By Ancient Humans Is 476,000 Years Old

Archaeologists believe they have found evidence of a 476,000-year-old wooden structure in Zambia. If so, this would be the earliest known purposely built wooden structure ever discovered, marking a mind-blowing milestone in the development of ancient humans nearly half a million years ago. Read the full story here

Man Found Naturally Mummified Just 16 Days After Last Being Seen Alive

A man in Bulgaria has been found in a “stage of complete mummification” just 16 days after last being seen alive. Describing this incredibly rare occurrence, scientists say that the dead man’s brain, guts, and other organs had shriveled up into “structureless masses”, yet are unable to explain how the corpse reached such an advanced state of mummification in such a short time. Read the full story here

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Feature of the week: 

Is The US Entering Its "End Times"? Other Fallen Societies May Suggest So

The emergence of a new social science that involves studying vast vats of historical data and statistical patterns aims to try and understand – and perhaps even predict – the story of human civilizations. Could the crisis that’s facing US democracy in these “unprecedented times” be not so unprecedented, after all? Read the full story here

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