Pittcon: The Biggest Annual Laboratory Science Event Of The Year

The event for scientists to connect, interact, and generally nerd out over science!


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Pittcon 2024 will be held in San Diego, California, on February 24-28, 2024. 

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This past March, Philadelphia hosted one of the world’s largest annual laboratory science events of the year – Pittcon. This dynamic and transnational conference brought together 1,100 technical sessions, 450 exhibitors, and more than 15,000 visitors. It truly was the epicenter of discovery, learning, and interaction. And there is more to come.

What is Pittcon?

Pittcon is a jam-packed immersive event that is built around developing people’s knowledge base, careers, research, and scientific endeavors. It allows scientists from all walks of life and at any stage of their career to escape the laboratory and connect with one another. When you step into the building at one of these events, there is always an exciting buzz in the air that seems to say “This is where science is made!”

The renowned Pittcon Expo was back once more in 2023 – it included many manufacturers that featured top-of-the-line instrumentations, in a visual kaleidoscope of highly impactful demonstrations. The wide breadth of fields present meant that you may have been talking to one person about analytical techniques in alcohol testing in one booth or about the best ways to microscope tissue samples in another.  

Why attend?

The face-to-face connections that can be made at Pittcon allow true innovation to take place. There are only a limited number of occasions that gather together such diverse perspectives and expertise in a single place. Do you have a problem you need fresh insights into? Well, how about being able to ask fellow researchers in person and maybe even help them with their issues? Say goodbye to dreary and impersonal Zoom calls; Pittcon is the place for collaboration. 

“It is a really, really amazing opportunity to see the real people in person and see the wonderful talks and posters,” Xin Dong, PhD student at the University of Minnesota, told IFLScience. 

For those who are not afraid of learning and thinking about future careers, this is the right place for you. 

“I love the expo! You get to see different companies, what they do, and what they have that can improve your lab and improve your research. And probably think of one of the companies to eventually work for and you can do research after,” Greatness Olaitan, a graduate research student from the University of Virginia, told IFLScience. 

“I think, unlike other conferences, there is a good intermingling of industry and outreach and also science. So, it’s a little overwhelming at first. But you can always find a lot of different things to do. And network with industry professionals. There is a nice practical focus, but also being able to present research is a huge privilege. I think Pittcon is a wonderful, diverse atmosphere, where you can kind of take a lot away from it. But also presenting valuable research and a lot of valuable things,” J. Dylan Denson, a graduate student at NC State University, told IFLScience.  

Where will Pittcon be in 2024?

On February 24-28, 2024, Pittcon will take place for the first time on the West Coast, in sunny San Diego, California. This destination is a fantastic place for picture-perfect weather, miles of beaches to sink your feet into, and incredible, innovative science to be enthusiastic about. Additionally, it is a hub for over 100 science institutions. 

For an added bonus, in 2024, Pittcon will be celebrating its 75th year! From seeing Apollo 11 landing on the Moon to the CRISPR-Cas boom, Pittcon has been there along for the ride. It is an old faithful that knows how to throw a fantastic bash, while also making way for awesome change. So, no matter what, you will be well taken care of. 

This year, Pittcon was made for curious scientists. But be sure to join next year's Pittcon for even more celebration and the chance to nerd out over some amazing science! 

Click here to register for the 75th Pittcon.  

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