Woman Lived With The Wrong Dog For Four Months After Mix-Up At The Groomers

The dog seemed different somehow, largely because it was.

James Felton

James Felton

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clockJul 19 2022, 12:37 UTC
A German Shepherd dog playing in a field
Always check the dog you have in your house is yours. Image credit: Happy Monkey/

A woman says she lived with the wrong dog for four months, after a mix-up at the groomers. The dog-owner took her German Shepherd cross Newfoundland to the groomers for a quick trim before the warmer summer months, when the mistake happened.

"When we got her back from her hair cut she began to act very strange," the woman wrote.


"Physically, she was identical but mentally she was not there. She began to get more aggressive (She bit my hand when I would feed her scraps, or she wanted my attention), ignore people whom she knew and was acquainted with (this dog bonded to me and ignored my father, brother, and neighbors), and she changed her entire routine with the family."

She explained that the dog would usually be extremely attached to her father, and experience anxiety when he was away. When the dog – Emma – came back from the groomers, they assumed that the anxious behavior she was exhibiting around the family was due to the absence of her father, rather than, for instance, because she had been transported to a strange house without anybody she recognized.

"For Four months. For Four months I've been taking care of and loving this dog I was calling Emma who looked exactly like my dog but somehow different from the Emma I once knew," she explained. Then, her mother got a call from the groomer.


"The call consisted of her asking my mother to bring Emma to a meeting at her shop immediately."

Another owner had complained that their dog – named Bear – had been acting in an anxious manner since their own grooming session. Shortly after the call, the owners returned from the groomer with their actual dog.

"Their dog is my dogs almost identical twin sister from the same litter," she explained. Since the incident, the groomers dropped around a big basket of gifts for Emma and her owners, by way of an apology.

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