Crazy Video Shows Huge Alligator Eating Another Alligator


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockApr 18 2016, 22:46 UTC
1077 Crazy Video Shows Huge Alligator Eating Another Alligator
Alex Figueroa/Youtube

As a small reminder from Mother Nature not to get on her wrong side, here’s a truly terrifying and fairly one-sided showdown between two alligators.


Alex Figueroa began his day on April 13 by taking a morning stroll near his home in Lakeland, Florida. However, his peaceful walk before work ended with encountering and filming a huge alligator eating a smaller alligator. He estimated that the larger alligator was around 3.3 to 3.6 meters (11 to 12 feet) long.

It might seem like extreme behaviour, but cannibalism isn’t unheard of with alligators. In fact, a study found that up to 7 percent of baby alligators are eaten by a member of their own species.

Christopher Brochu, an alligator expert from the University of Iowa, told National Geographic, "Gators are very opportunistic and will eat whatever they can find; anything that can fit down their throat is food,"



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