You’ve Been Holding Your Cat Like An Amateur, According To This Expert


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

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clockMay 9 2018, 15:55 UTC


Cats can be troublesome to pick up, hold or carry, even if you’re a cat lover. Although, if you’re not a cat-lover you probably hold them like they are a bomb about to go off, which is not that inaccurate. Regardless of how much feline affection you sport, this helpful video can teach you all the tricks to handle your kitty like a pro.

The video is made by Dr Uri Burstyn who, as the Helpful Vancouver Vet online, shares some simple, and yes, helpful, advice on how to handle the furry timebombs in a way that it is comfortable for the cat and doesn’t lead to you getting scratched all over the place.


“When you approach the cat it's nice to introduce yourself," Dr Burstyn explains in the video. "Let them sniff your hand; notice I keep my fingers curled a little bit so if the cat doesn't really want my company she can't really chomp me.”

To be fair, he's talking to Claudia, the world's most patient cat, by the looks of the things. Especially, with what comes later.

The good vet explains how to carry the animal securely if you need to move a cat quickly, or comfortably if you're moving them more slowly.


For the former, he proposes a technique he called "the football carry". You just scoop your cat up and hold it against your body, with its head under your arm while you hold its body with one hand and support its butt in your other. Cats tend to feel more secure if held tightly, and in that position, they cannot scratch you. For the latter, hold them close to your body with their butt under your arm and use one hand to support their front paws. 

In fact, squishing a cat seems to be his most important advice.

"What we do when we have a cat that is trying to get away from us is squish that cat. Squish that cat down. All you need to know about cat restraint is squish that cat," he insists.


Apparently, it is the best way to keep a cat calm and still, and is a good approach for when a cat is nervous or you are trying to give them a pill, or trim their nails, for example.

So, we imagine there will be a nation of bemused cats this evening as their owners go forth and put their new techniques into practice. Let us know how it goes!

[H/T: ScienceAlert]

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