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Woman Hospitalized For Three Days After A Dog Pooped In Her Mouth

"I suddenly felt something squirt in my mouth".

James Felton

James Felton

James Felton

James Felton

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smiling woman with brown liquid cascading into her mouth (ew)
Close your mouth when you sleep. Image credit: Ollyy/

A woman taking a nap with her mouth open ended up in hospital for three days after her daughter's dog took a poop in her mouth. Amanda Gommo and her daughter were looking after their chihuahua named Belle, who was suffering from gastrointestinal distress when the incident occurred. 

"I was having my afternoon nap with Belle, like I always do, when I suddenly felt something squirt in my mouth," she told news service SWNS. "I rushed to the bathroom and my son was in the shower, so before I washed it out I had time to take a quick snap".


"It was disgusting, and I was hurling violently for hours after," she added. "I just couldn't get the taste out of my mouth."

The experience, of course, was not pleasant. Very few people wish to be woken up to canine defecation. However, Gommo's ordeal was only just beginning. 

After a few hours of vomiting and diarrhea, the family called an ambulance for Gommo. Paramedics advised her to drink plenty of fluids of the "haven't been through a dog" variety, but her symptoms – including painful cramps all over her body – continued to get worse. 

Eventually, she was transferred to the hospital, where she was kept on a drip for three days while she dealt with the infection, plus dehydration resulting from vomiting and diarrhea.


The culprit for her infection was pretty easily identified. When a dog with diarrhea poops in your mouth and then you develop diarrhea, it's not exactly time to call Dr House to "clear up this unsolvable medical mystery".

"My discharge note said that I'd suffered a gastrointestinal infection caused by a dog defecating in my mouth," she told SWNS. "Something doctors had never witnessed before".


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