Wild Orangutan Slaps Guy Trying To Take A Selfie With Him


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockJan 16 2017, 19:11 UTC

Post-slap. RailGod/YouTube

Even in its fluffiest and cutest form, nature is indifferent and unforgiving, especially when it comes to your selfies. Case in point: This wild orangutan gives a camera-wielding tourist a whack across the face after trying to pose with him for a new profile photo for Facebook.

In this video from backpacking YouTubers RailGod, the group were sailing down Sekonyer River in the Borneo jungle when they came across an orangutan hanging around in a tree. The great ape appears to be remarkably relaxed and curious, even coming onboard their boat and sharing some snacks with them.


However, their friendly exchanges hit a sour note (at around 11:50) when one of the guys turns his back to the orangutan and tries to catch a quick selfie. Not impressed by the man’s tech-savvy behavior, the young male ape slaps him across the face, to which the whole boat bursts out laughing. The orangutan, on the other hand, remains as cool as a cucumber.

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