Weatherman’s Response To Viewers Complaining Tornado Warning Interrupted TV Show Is Brilliant


Katy Evans

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Guys, this is serious. StephenKingArt/Shutterstock 

Weather warnings save lives. The Bachelorette does not.

Meteorologist Jamie Simpson of Fox 45 got a little huffy explaining this to viewers on Monday after interrupting the popular TV show to issue a tornado warning in Dayton, Ohio.


The US is currently experiencing what some are calling the most serious series of tornadoes in 40 years. An unprecedented 13 consecutive days has seen 76 tornado reports with twisters touching down in multiple cities across the country, causing damage, devastation, and in some cases, death.

Clearly, Simpson felt strongly about people's misguided priorities as he reported live on air when the messages of complaint started coming in. 

"I've just checked social media, we have viewers complaining already, 'Just go back to the show'," he said as he walked out of shot. "No!" he suddenly said, appearing on screen again. "We're not going back to the show folks, this is a dangerous situation OK? Think about if this was your neighborhood."

Sadly, just a few hours later, it was. At least one death was reported in Dayton that night after windspeeds reached 265 kilometers (165 miles) per hour.


"I'm sick and tired of people complaining about this. Our job here is to to keep people safe and that is what we are going to do," Simpson added.


In response to more criticisms, Simpson became even more animated. 

"Some of you are saying that this is about my ego. Stop, just stop, right now. It's not." he said before walking off-camera again. 

"I'm done with you people, I really am. This is pathetic," he can be heard saying. "This is a dangerous situation here."


He's not wrong. An early-warning system can help people evacuate or prepare for extreme weather events, like wildfires and flooding, as well as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions

Simpson did apologize for slightly losing his cool, saying: "Alright, I'm sorry about that. It just really bothers me that we have people that don't care about other people's safety around here. It's just ridiculous."

The video has been viewed more than a million times on social media, but Simpson is remaining the consummate professional, declining interviews despite being a current viral sensation.  


Even the Bachelorette herself, Hannah Brown, understood that safety came first, even if she had a bit of a chuckle at people's outrage.


"Lolz too funny, thanks Dayton, Ohio for the love, but be safe. 'naders are no joke," she wrote on Twitter.  

Stay safe out there folks. You can always catch up on TV shows later, but it's harder to stay current if you're dead.