Watch A 24/7 Live Steam Of A Bear Haven In Alaska


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Screenshot of the live cam by a viewer.

Alaska’s greatest reality TV show is back: Bearcam.

The team at are beaming a 24/7 livestream straight from the heart of Alaska’s Katmai National Park & Preserve with the help of multiple solar-powered cameras. Every year this stretch of the Brooks River becomes the hang out for hundreds of brown bears as they take advantage of the world's largest exodus of sockeye salmon. This is the fourth year are livestreaming the event and this season they're back with even more technology and levels of interaction for you, the viewer.


You’ll be able to chat live with rangers through their Facebook page, along with a whole host of content planned for their Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.

Another feature of this year’s Bearcam is their Summer Snapshot Contest. If you screenshot a particularly beautiful moment from their live cam, your image could be shared across all of their social media platforms as well as feature on their blog. All you need to do is upload your screenshot with the tag @exploreorg for Instagram and Twitter or on Facebook. There are also prizes up for grabs for their favorites. 

“We are broadcasting from a truly magical place. I hope people use Bearcam to relax, to reconnect with what’s beautiful and to have fun sharing those moments of nature with other people around the world,” said founder Charles Annenberg Weingarten in a news release. “The cams are a digital sanctuary where people can use nature as tool to restore themselves." 




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