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US will Donate 500 Million COVID Vaccine Doses Over The Next Year


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockJun 10 2021, 13:19 UTC
Vials of COVID-19 vaccine. Image Credit: cortex-film/

Vials of COVID-19 vaccine. Image credit: cortex-film/

The Biden-Harris administration plans to donate 500 million Pfizer/BionNTech vaccine doses to the COVAX vaccine program, according to Reuters. The program will distribute these doses to 92 lower-income countries. The US will pay and provide 200 million doses this year and 300 million doses by July 2022.

Biden will announce the decisions during the G7 meeting happening in Cornwall, in the UK, over the next couple of days.


COVAX is supported by the World Health Organization and by GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. The pandemic is a global problem and requires global solutions, so vaccinating the entire world is paramount to getting it under control.

The US and other western countries, such as the UK, have been criticized over the last few months for their limited vaccine exports while vaccinating large swathes of their population. The US, UK, and the European Union were also staunchly against the temporary waiving of patent protections for COVID-19 vaccines, something that the US has recently changed its stance about.

Vaccine nationalism was identified last September as one of the major threats in the effective fight against COVID-19.

[H/T: Reuters]

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