Bizarre And Hilarious Online Reviews Of Spectacular Natural Wonders


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer

clockMar 15 2017, 19:07 UTC

The Grand Canyon: marvel to some, pointless hole to others. Galyna Andrushko/Shutterstock

Science and nature are bloody amazing – something that, as a reader of our site, you already know. From the incredible variety of wildlife all around us to the waterfalls, canyons, volcanoes, and oceans, planet Earth is a rather wonderful place to live.


Some people, however, disagree with this sentiment. They seem unimpressed by everything in this regard, poo-pooing archaeological wonders as a “bit dated” or impact craters from meteorites as just mere “holes in the ground.” Even our best museums – monuments to our understanding of the cosmos – are dismissed as being a bit rubbish.

We aren’t sure why these few humans have such insurmountably high standards, but it’s safe to say that they aren’t afraid to express their controversial opinion. So for your delectation, dear readers, here is a selection of the most extreme and strangely negative reviews we’ve found on TripAdvisor for natural wonders, fabulous museums, and phenomenal ancient architecture.

1 – London's Natural History Museum, UK

Is it possible for a vegan to be offended at the sight of Sophie the Stegosaurus being displayed in her skeletal entirety? We didn’t think so, but then according to this reviewer, we’d be wrong.



2 – Grand Canyon, Arizona

Just a big old hole in the ground – one that contains a river and not much else, apparently. There were quite a few reviews like this actually, with many of them saying that the photographs of the canyon were much better than the real thing.


3 – Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


An overrated water fountain. Boring.


4 – Northern Lights, Iceland

Iceland still can’t control the weather or the Sun? What a total disappointment.



5 – CERN, Switzerland

This rather profoundly sexist reviewer thinks that only men with science brains, not women of any kind, can enjoy this marvel of modern science. Sweet gift shop though.


6 – Loch Ness, Scotland


Although we enjoy the fact that the reviewer recognizes that Nessie could be male or female, we’re not sure why they’re so surprised they didn’t see it in real life.


7 – Pompeii Archaeological Site, Italy

FAKE. This is fake archaeology.



8 – Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Just a rubbish pile of snow. Just like the Pacific Ocean is a gigantic wet puddle of nothing.


9 – Mount Fuji, Japan


Is it possible to think a mountain is boring or shit? Especially one of the most iconic and beautiful mountains/volcanoes on Earth? Apparently it is possible if you try hard enough.


10 – Patagonia, Chile

This is just a bloody massive park. Couple of mountains and lakes, but otherwise, “boring.”



11 – Stonehenge, UK

This ancient timepiece was a bit too old-school for this reviewer.


12 – Maccu Piccu, Peru


“They are stone ruins on top of a hill.”


13 – Nazca Lines, Peru

These enormous 2,500-year-old geoglyphs are “completely uninteresting.” Peru really is pants, eh?



14 – Terracotta Warriors, China

Can these ancient warrior casts ever be considered to be “inconvenient”? Were they not giving the tourists proper directions or something?


15 – Very Large Array, New Mexico


Just a bunch of stupid pointy things.


16 – Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

Made famous among non-scientists thanks to the James Bond flick GoldenEye, this reviewer thinks that only “science geeks” need visit. Completely nonplussed, they describe the telescope itself as “a big thing hanging from some wires.”



17 – Paris Catacombs, France

The complaint here is essentially that these catacombs contain far too many skulls and bones. That’s like saying a restaurant has too much food inside it.


All these scientific institutions, natural wonders, or archaeological sites are actually breathtaking, by the way. Plonk them all on your bucket list if you haven’t done so already.

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