The World's Heaviest Fruit Is Something You Might Not Expect

I like big fruits and I cannot lie.


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Eleanor Higgs

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Large red apples growing on a tree branch

World's Heaviest Fruit is a hot contest. Spoiler alert: it's not an apple.

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The confusing world of fruits and vegetables is full of some surprising, and frankly delicious, specimens, from strawberries and tomatoes to asparagus. But which of these fruits could be classed as the world’s biggest? We take a look at some whoppers of the fruit world. 

A new entrant

To start us off, a new whopper has entered the stage. Possibly the world's heaviest jackfruit has been discovered in India, weighing a pretty impressive 51.7 kilograms (114 pounds). According to The Telegraph, this mammoth fruit could feed 180 people if made into a jackfruit curry. 


Jackfruits do hold the title for the world’s heaviest tree-borne fruit, but they aren’t quite weighty enough to take the top prize.

Honorable mentions

We can’t let this opportunity pass without mentioning the world’s heaviest strawberry. Over 20 times heavier than the typical strawberry you’d be enjoying with cream at Wimbledon, this massive fruit was grown in Israel in 2021 and weighs in at 289 grams (10.19 ounces). 

Surprisingly to some, eggplants are not vegetables but they are actually fruits and are even classed as berries to boot. The heaviest eggplant weighed 3.36 kilograms (7 pounds) and was grown in the UK.


Potentially the smallest heaviest fruit, the world’s heaviest blueberry weighed 16.2 grams (0.57 ounces) and took the title in Australia in September 2020.

If you had to guess, you might think a watermelon had the potential to take the world’s heaviest fruit title but you’d be a long way off the winning weight. At only 159 kilograms (350.5 pounds), it's large for sure but only just over a tenth of the weight of our winning whopper fruit. 

Now the winner

Perhaps equally surprising as the eggplant, the Guinness world record holder, and winner of the title of heaviest fruit in the world, is a pumpkin. This mighty world-beater weighed 1,226 kilograms (2,702 pounds) and is heavier than a Nissan Micra car. 

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