The Story Of A Missing Bedazzled Jumpsuit-Wearing Pet Pigeon Has Taken Arizona By Storm

Olive, aka Liberace, the pet pigeon. Fallen Feathers/Facebook

Have you misplaced your pet pigeon? Was it last seen wearing a gemstone-studded bird diaper?

If so, we’ve got great news. An animal matching that very unique description has been located and is currently being cared for at the bird rescue and rehabilitation center Fallen Feathers in Phoenix, Arizona.


As reported by Gizmodo, this wacky story (which is a nice break from apocalyptic wildfires, Brexit woes, and the conspiracies to murder Saudi journalists) took flight when a resident of the arid city noticed the pigeon outside their home. Quickly realizing that it was no ordinary pigeon thanks to its pop music video-worthy get-up, the concerned citizen phoned fellow community member, and Fallen Feathers owner, Jody Kieran, and informed her that a bird wearing something odd was on the loose.

Ms Kieran asked her neighbor to gently capture the bird and bring it to the center. When the rescued bird was brought in inside a box soon after, Kieran was curious to see what had made the rescuer so perplexed.

“I said, ‘Okay we’ve got to see this,’” she told Gizmodo. “I open it up, and there he is, wearing a flight suit.”


According to some very entertaining Internet research, flight suits are a fancy name for a bird diaper; aka something you put on your pet bird so that they can happily roam around the house, free from the cage, without getting urine and droppings all over the place.


And while our Google image and shopping trawling revealed that bird owners purchase and create a variety of fun flight suits, this customized sparkly number is hard to top.

“I have been doing bird rehab for over 20 years now – I take in over 2,000 birds a year – and normally wild birds arriving with clothing is enough proof to me that this bird was owned and loved,” Kieran added.


After posting some photos of the mystery bird online (including an extremely adorable image of it posed next to a framed photo of noted sparkle aficionado Liberace), several TV news outlets took notice. While trying to help raise awareness of Kieran’s efforts to locate its owners, the subsequent on-air spots showcased the pigeon’s sweet disposition and elevated it to local celebrity status.

Update: Happily, six days after the pigeon was brought to Fallen Feathers, the bird – now known to be named Olive – was reunited with her family on November 19.


[H/T: Gizmodo]


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