The 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award Finalists Have Been Revealed, And They're Brilliant


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockSep 14 2018, 17:18 UTC

Coastal Brown Bear Cub with Headache. Danielle-D'Ermo

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has reached its third year, and it continues to go from strength to strength. The finalists of this year's edition have now been announced and there are some excellent and hilarious examples of animals being candid in the wild.

“In just three years this competition has gone from hilarious to utterly ridiculous humour – all provided to us by these fantastic animals,” co-founder of the award Tom Sullam said.


Sullam started the awards with Paul Joynson-Hicks in 2015. Both are wildlife photographers and enthusiasts and this competition works alongside and helps highlight the Born Free Foundation, whose goal is to help protect the wildlife of our planet.

Out of thousands of images, the judging panels selected 41 final pictures that capture funny expressions, comedic compositions, and the most peculiar interactions between animals in the wild. As always, what we find hilarious is a matter of personal choice and how we project human attitudes on these animals, but it’s hard not to crack a smile looking at a face-palming bear or a peek-a-boo owl.

This year there’s also the opportunity for you to be involved and select your favorite photo among the 41. Photographic software Affinity Photo has sponsored the Affinity People’s Choice Award, so vote for your favourite here, and be in a with a chance to win an iPad.


The winners will be announced at a ceremony on November 15, 2018.

Peek-a-boo. Shane Keena/Barcroft Images


Caught in the Act. Mary McGowan/Barcroft Images


Crouching Tiger, Peeking Moose. Jamie Bussey/Barcroft Images


Split. Geert Weggen/Barcroft Images


Bullies. Amy Kennedy/Barcroft Image


Hot Kiss. Sergey Savvi/Barcroft Images


Majestic Stag. Robert Adamson/Barcroft Images