Superbloom Season Arrives: California’s Hills Are Alive With The Sight Of Blossom

May these photographs of California's superbloom cleanse your timeline.


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Rachael Funnell

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california superbloom

Hay fever sufferers, beware. Image credit: MierCat Photography /

A superbloom has been looming over California for the past few weeks and now it’s here. Triggered by an onslaught of rain that may have been caused by atmospheric storms, the 2023 superbloom is set to be a historic one that’ll set the landscape ablaze with swathes of burnt-orange poppies as well as other wildflowers.

The region is home to 7,000 species of native plants, reports abcNews, including the golden poppy (Eschscholzia californica), which became the state’s official flower in 1903. These “cups of gold” carpet areas like the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, attracting swarms of tourists to some of the state’s great beauty spots. 


At their peak, California’s superblooms have even been visible from space with NASA’s Space Observatory having shared images of the poppy swarms as they appear to the Operational Land Imager.

california poppy
The California poppy covers the landscape in burnt orange, but there are other hues to be found among the superbloom. Image credit: Sundry Photography/

Superblooms are a fairly reliable event that occur annually in California as heavy rain transforms the sometimes desert-like terrain. They aren’t limited to flowers, either, as it was recently announced that California is also experiencing a “supershroom” as rare and abundant mushrooms are sprouting across the state.

While influencers and mushroom hunters may be equally enthralled by the opportunities these natural phenomena bring, experts have urged that visitors #Don’tDoomTheBloom by behaving irresponsibly. A sea of orange poppies is a great photo opportunity, but not one that’s worth straying from designated walking paths that protect the ecosystem. Equally, mushroom foraging can strip the environment of organisms that are an important part of their environment.

That said, there’s no harm in feasting with your eyes so kick back and enjoy some superbloom eye balm. 

california superbloom pictures
It’s easy to see why the superbloom is such a hit year-on-year. Image credit: Ringo Chiu /

How much of the superbloom you get to enjoy is slightly dependent on your height.

superbloom pictures
Enjoyed by children, but difficult to navigate for small dogs. Image credit: Ringo Chiu /

The superbloom intensity depends on rainfall but typically kicks in around March and April.

superbloom photos
California’s hills are transformed by swathes of vibrant wildflowers. Image credit: R Castner /

Want to see the superbloom in the flesh? Check out our tips on how to superbloom responsibly.


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