Watch Baby Spiders "Explode" From Mother During Fight

2396 Watch Baby Spiders "Explode" From Mother During Fight
Flickr CC: Wolf Spider with Family. Clinton and Charles Robertson

While filming a showdown between two spiders, Mathew Duncan captured an unexpected surprise: a dozen or so babies scattering for safety. Although the spider obviously doesn’t literally explode with babies as the title of the video suggests, it does provide a good moment to learn what's actually happening.

Entomologist and arachnid expert Dr. Leonard Vincent identified the creature as a wolf spider.


"Female members of this family have their egg sac attached to their spinnerets," said Vincent in an email to The Huffington Post. "Where the adult female goes, so does the egg sac.”

Once the eggs have hatched, the little spiders crawl onto their mother's back for a couple of weeks before ventnuring off on their own. 

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