Watch: Snake Vomits Up Another LIVE SNAKE After Being Startled


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It's a snake eat snake world out there. Oh come on, you were thinking it. ChristopherReynolds/YouTube

This incredible footage shows a snake throwing up a live (and extremely lucky) snake, like a fascinating, very gross, magic trick. 

Christopher Reynolds shot the video with his wife after seeing a dark-colored snake by the side of the road. On closer inspection, it appeared to have another snake’s tail poking out its mouth. The snake then began to regurgitate the second snake before slithering off into the bushes. Most remarkably of all, the swallowed snake seems to be alive and well, if not a bit shell-shocked.


“This is crazy… This is that other snake’s super-ultra lottery lucky day. Wow, I can’t believe that little dude is still alive, ” Reynolds exclaims in the video. “Look at him – he’s still licking his lips and swallowing, trying to figure out what’s going.”

Snakes generally only regurgitate their prey if they are distressed or disturbed. In this case, it’s likely it became camera shy or the prey was bigger and more slithery than expected.

“He felt uncomfortable with us here, so he regurgitated it so he could get away,” reckoned Reynolds.

Never stop being weird, nature.

Video by Christopher Reynolds


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