Shortlist Of Hilarious Images Revealed For The Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Time for some lighthearted paws-itivity.


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Eleanor Higgs

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Dog falling into red leaves with a funny expression

"My face when my crush says hi."

Image credit: © Kerstin Leichtenmüller / Comedy Pets

While the world is full of proud pet owners, 25 of the best comedy pet photos have been whittled down into a shortlist of the funniest images of our furry friends. Featuring in the lineup is a flying toy poodle, the canine equivalent of Zorro, and a number of pets who look remarkably similar to their owners.

Grumpy black and white cat
"The big boss."
Image credit: © Kenichi Morinaga / Comedy Pets

“Once again we have been treated to some really funny entries in the competition, and such a wide range of animals this year from ferrets to tortoises to donkeys as well as hundreds of hilarious cats and dogs,” said Tom Sullam, co-founder of the Comedy Pets Awards, in a statement sent to IFLScience.

Black dog upside down in a hole on the beach
"When digging gets serious."
Image credit: © Sophie Boynton / Comedy Pets

"Shadow was digging holes as normal at the beach, when all of a sudden he was showing off his new technique! Luckily the camera was at the ready for this crazy position!" said semi-finalist Sophie Boynton, who captured this image on Hemsby Beach in the UK.

Black labrador at the wheel of a car with shadow across his eyes like Zorro's mask
"Zorro reborn."
Image credit: © Karl Goldhamer/ Comedy Pets 

If you want to get involved and choose your favorite image, the People's Choice Award voting is now open too. Vote here!

"Alex is the shy one. Max is the playful one. Together they form a lethally cute duo," said photographer Michel Zoghzoghi of this image of two playful black and white kittens. 

Two black and white kittens with one sneaking up behind the other
"A life changing event."
Image credit: © Michel Zoghzoghi / Comedy Pets

"In March 2019 I was sat in the Union Sq New York dog run when I spotted a lady with a pink bag on her hand (to keep her hand clean) throwing a ball to her dog which was sat down facing her. The dog then launched itself and flipped in mid air to face me and snap! As you can see the lady with her  hand on her head was as surprised as me and I think she is saying phew! I have searched in vain via the NY media to find the owner so that I can send her a copy. No joy so I am hoping this Pet Comedy competition can help me find the mystery woman and her leaping dog. You never know!" said Chris Porsz of this photo of a flying border collie!

Dog jumping into the air in front of three surprised people on a bench.
Image credit: © Chris Porsz / Comedy Pets

The 2023 Comedy Pet Winners will be announced on August 11. See the rest of the finalists here.


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