Remains Of An Enormous Sea Creature Are Baffling Beach-Goers In Wales


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454 Remains Of An Enormous Sea Creature Are Baffling Beach-Goers In Wales
Wales News Service

Nobody's quite sure what's going on with this specimen of sea creature found near a beach in Wales. Although, isn't Wales often associated with fire-breathing dragons?

The 3.35-meter (11-foot) remains were found near the Kenfig River on Morfa Beach in Port Talbot, South Wales, although it has been there since around February.


Melanie and Ken Rees found the creature while on a walk with their dog. The BBC reports that they also saw many washed-up jellyfish and smaller sea creatures around the area, along with flies floating around the body.

"I couldn't believe how big it was," Melanie said, according to the BBC. "At first I thought it was a piece of driftwood or a big log as it was so far off the beach. But when we got closer, I could see thousands of flies and I knew it had been an animal."

The bizarre beast, pictured with Melanie Rees and her dog. Wales News Service.

Melanie uploaded images of the burnt beast to social media in an attempt to get the bottom of this mystery.


"People on Facebook have been hilarious. One has even said it could be a dinosaur, but I'm not so sure," she said.

Perhaps the most reasonable suggestion is that it’s the charred remains of a washed up long-finned pilot whale. While this species is not a particularly common sight to the area, these can occasionally be spotted around the British Isles. Despite their name, they’re actually a member of the dolphin family, and can grow up to 6 meters (20 feet).

Or, on the other hand, perhaps it's the famous Welsh dragon.


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