Police Arrest Man For Allegedly Having Sex With Dying Beaver While High On Methamphetamine


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A 35-year-old Washington man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly having sex with a dying beaver while high on methamphetamine, reports Washington television station KXLY

Don’t bother pinching yourself. Yes, this is real life.


It started around 9pm when a local woman came across a beaver that had been struck by a car.

"Someone help me save this beaver,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “I flipped him over so he would walk but his leg is broken.”

She was able to move the beaver out of the way of traffic by placing it on a towel and dragging it closer to a nearby pond. After calling local wildlife agencies and veterinary clinics that were closed for the holiday weekend, she decided to run home and grab a plastic tub that she could keep the animal in until authorities were open the following day.


When she came back, she had a rather unsightly surprise.


“He’s deceased,” she later wrote in the comments. “I caught a homeless man having sex with the beaver. I’m traumatized!!”

Officers with the Kennewick Police Department confirmed the account, saying in a statement they responded to a report of a “transient male having sexual contact with a wild animal.”

The man was contacted by police and also found to be in possession of suspected methamphetamine. He is facing charges of Animal Cruelty and Possession of a Controlled Substance-Methamphetamine, both of which are felonies. If convicted for animal cruelty, he could face a two-year jail sentence, a fine starting at $1,000, and a forfeiture of any animals he owns and a ban on having similar pets in the future, reports Newsweek


Naturally, the report got our WTF wheels turning. Why in the world would someone want to have sex with an animal? Bestiality, also known as zoophilia, is actually still legal in several countries and in a handful of US states. Classified as a psychological order, it’s actually a lot more common than you might think – Reuters reports that 17 percent of vets think they've treated an animal that has been sexually assaulted by a human.


What is so appealing about our furry friends? Believe it or not, scent. A whopping 89 percent of zoophiles said a “musky smell” was a key attraction when it came to picking out an animal partner, reports Vice. For others, it’s the notion that sex with an animal is taboo and violates social standards.

Then again, meth makes people do some pretty weird things

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