Video: The Moment A Frilled-Neck Lizard Attacks An 18-Year-Old Trying To Help It

Credit: Facebook/Ricky Mackenzie via Storyful

This is the moment a frilled-neck lizard attacked a wildlife photographer in the outback of Australia. Ricky Macenzie was exploring, 100km (62 miles) northwest of Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia, when he came across the lizard.

The 18-year-old attempted to move the animal to safety, but before he could do that the animal turned on him and chased him down the road.

“I see a lot of frillies. I didn’t want this one to get run over. I tried to help but he didn’t want a bar of it," Mackenzie said.

The (pretty terrifying) video shows Mackenzie running away from the lizard whilst giggling at the situation, before the lizard catches up with Mackenzie and starts to climb up his body.


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