Menacing Mud-Covered Crocodile Amongst Winners Of 2020 Nature Photography Competition


The winner of the "other animals" category, "Danger in the mud" shows the beady eye of a crocodile in a drying pool. GNPY 2020, Jens Cullmann, GDT

The German Society for Nature Photography (GDT) has announced the winners and runners-up of their annual member’s competition, GDT Nature Photographer of the Year. From terrifying crocs to serene landscapes, the images bring Earth’s beauty in all its forms straight to your devices at a time when many of us are forced to stay inside. Over 5,000 pictures were submitted for the 2020 awards, which the jury whittled down to just 10 in each of the seven categories: Birds, Mammals, Other Animals, Plants and Fungi, Landscapes, Nature’s Studio, and Water.

Having voted online for their favorites, GDT members crowned Peter Lindel’s “A hare’s dream” as the overall winner.

GNPY 2020, Peter Lindel, GDT

Described as “dreamy, curious, careful, anxious” by the photographer himself, this European Hare was seen right on Lindel’s doorstep in the fields and meadows just north of Dortmund, Germany. “Once a common inhabitant of open country all over Germany, [the European Hare] has become a rare sight,” Lindel explained in a statement.

Check out some of the other highly-rated entries below.

New Life in a Dead Forest

GNPY 2020, Radomir Jakubowski, GDT

Vast areas of the Bavarian Forest, in Southern Germany, were destroyed by bark beetles. Radomir Jakubowski captured the regeneration of parts of the forest, earning first place in the Plants and Fungi category.


Glowing Fox

GNPY 2020, Mohammad Murad, GDT

Second to Lindel’s European Hare in the Mammals category was this Arabian red fox watching the lights of Kuwait City.

Yukon Gold Rush

GNPY 2020, Axel Gomeringer, GDT

Found in central Yukon, Canada, Tombstone Territorial Park protects over 2,100 square kilometers of rugged peaks, permafrost landforms, and wildlife, and earnt its photographer, Axel Gomeringer, fifth place in the landscapes category.


School of Mackerel

GNPY 2020, Henry Jager, GDT

Coming in at third place in the Other Animals category was this school of mackerel fish, found off the coast of the Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean.

The White Coastline

GNPY 2020, Stephan Fürnrohr, GDT

This view of a meltwater lake in Greenland was runner-up in the Nature’s Studio category.


Take Off

GNPY 2020, Flurin Leugger, GDT

Topping the Birds category was this image of a flock of geese fleeing from a coyote.

The Play of Water

GNPY 2020, Britta Strack, GDT

Winner of this year’s special category “Water”, was this photo of the Hraunfossar waterfalls in Iceland.