Police Claim They Have Solved The Mystery Of The Cat Serial Killer


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockSep 20 2018, 20:03 UTC


After three years, the London Metropolitan Police has finally closed the case on the Croydon Cat Killer. Since 2015, the Met has received hundreds of reported cases of cat mutilations that had both the public and experts wondering if one or more individuals were hurting felines across the British capital, particularly in the borough of Croydon.

After the investigation, it turns out that there was nothing nefarious about the mutilated cats. The poor animals investigated all died due to blunt force trauma, most likely by being run over by motorists. The “mutilation” all happened post-mortem due to foxes praying on the cats.


“The investigation took almost three years, due to the number of reports and allegations received from the public and the need to work with specialists to scrutinize any evidence,” a report from the Met states. “No evidence of human involvement was found in any of the reported cases. There were no witnesses, no identifiable patterns and no forensic leads that pointed to human involvement. Witness statements were taken, but no suspect was identified. In three instances where CCTV was obtained, footage showed foxes carrying bodies or body-parts of cats.”

Scotland Yard has confirmed that three instances caught on camera show foxes carrying various parts of the cats in gardens. Out of 25 actually mutilated cats across London, only six were treated as suspicious. Recent investigations found puncture wounds in some of the corpses, making it likely they were scavenged.

Last June, a veterinary pathologist carried out a post-mortem examination on three cats and two rabbits, all mutilated. They didn’t find any indication that humans were involved, but they found traces of fox DNA on the victims.


“The decision was made to allocate a large number of similar reports of mutilated cats to the officers who were investigating the initial spate of such allegations. In particular, they were following up the six suspicious cases identified by the post-mortem examinations,” Frontline Policing Commander Amanda Pearson stated.

“It is this collating of reports that enabled officers to work with experts and reach the conclusion that no further police investigations are required into any of the allegations relating to mutilated cats.”

Not everyone is satisfied with this explanation. Why would you blame motorists for killing cats in a city with 2.3 million cars when it could be the work of a single sadistic individual?


Unsubstantiated rumors of the killer leaving the remains of the cats on people's porches are currently going around the Internet. He is even wearing a black hood while doing so. However, rumors also claim that the killer is a white man in his 40s with acne scars wearing a headlamp. There is literally no evidence for any of it.