Kung Fu Panda Wrestles Intruding Man To Floor In Chinese Zoo


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer

Giant pandas aren't cuddly toys, including this one from Chengdu, China. Birdiegal/Shutterstock

People, on occasion, can be incredibly stupid – particularly when it comes to impressing a date. In what is nothing short of a perfect example of the ludicrous lengths people go to in the name of love (or lust), a man in China climbed into a giant panda enclosure to show off to his lady friends. It did not go well.

The visitor to Nanchang City’s zoo in Jiangxi Province clambered into the animal enclosure with relative ease before walking over to the snoozing, 12-year-old Mei Ling, a 120-kilogram (265-pound) panda. After bending down to say hi to the slumbering fluffball, the man was taken aback as Mei Ling suddenly woke up, leapt forth, and tackled him to the ground.


Giant pandas can be quite aggressive when confronted with an intruder, so it’s lucky that all Mei Ling seemed to do was pin him to the ground, which hurt the man’s pride more than anything else. This ponderous panda bear managed to keep him in one place for about five minutes before he was able to wriggle free.

As reported by The Independent, Kuang Huaming, deputy head of zoo management at Nanchang Zoo, said: “According to witnesses, his trousers were torn a little by the panda, but the man should be OK.”

A brief medical check reportedly confirmed that the silly show-off would live to embarrass himself another day. More importantly, the panda itself was completely unharmed by the ordeal.


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