Incredible Video Shows A Lightning Bolt Absolutely Annihilate A Tree


Jack Dunhill

Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

clockApr 13 2021, 17:32 UTC

“When Thunder Roars Go Indoors”. Image Credit: NJMPhoto37/

In an incredible video shared by the US National Weather Service Green Bay Wisconsin, a bolt of lightning resulted in the total obliteration of a particularly unfortunate pine tree, blowing it apart in a split second. The video is a fantastic demonstration of why taking shelter under a tree in lightning conditions is a pretty terrible idea, and it is much better to stay far, far away from the tallest object in the area



The video shows a lightning bolt strike the tree in slow-motion. Video credit: NWS Green Bay Wisconsin/Facebook

The video was originally shared by WLUK-TV FOX 11 and is from Wautoma High School in Wautoma, Wisconsin on the morning of April 9. It's unclear why someone was filming a random tree moments before a lightning strike, as the movement suggests a person holding the camera rather than a security or fixed cam, but the incredible footage leaves us feeling happy that they were. 

Luckily, the rogue bolt resulted in no reported injuries, so the High School was left with an educational experience about the ferocity of these epic weather phenomena


So, as the National Weather Service reiterates: “When Thunder Roars Go Indoors”.