Iconic Italian Lost Village Rises Once Again From The Bottom Of A Lake


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

Senior Staff Writer & Space Correspondent

clockMay 19 2021, 17:11 UTC
The iconic bell tower of Curon Venosta.

The iconic bell tower of Curon Venosta. Image Credit: Andrew Mayovskyy/

A submerged village in Italy is now visible for the first time in over a decade, which has led tourists and locals to explore what remains of this settlement after being underwater for years.

Over 70 years ago, the little town of Curon in Northern Italy was submerged. The move – very controversial at the time – was deemed necessary to build a hydroelectric dam merging two smaller natural lakes, Lake Curon and Lake Resia.


The new artificial Lake Resia was then born in 1950, and the old Curon was gone. The new body of water measures six kilometers in length and it is one kilometer at its widest point (3.72 by 0.61 miles). Some of the inhabitants resettled in the new town of Curon. The only reminder of the old village was the bell tower of the church, believed to have been built in 1357. The tower rises above the water level – a sight so iconic that it has become a tourist destination, as well as inspiring a book and a TV series.

Lago di resia
Lake Resia drained with what remains of the old town of Curon clearly visible. Image Credit: Luisa Azzolini

The lake has been temporarily drained to allow some refurbishment of the dam and its piping, and the old Curon is once again visible, which has led people to see what remains of the old village. Streets, staircases, roofs, and some cellars can still be seen. And among everything, the bell tower continues to amaze. The water also retreated in 2009 so the tower could be refurbished.


In winter, the lake often freezes, with people often getting all the way to the tower – which has developed an unusual urban legend. People say they can still hear the bells ringing, but there have been no bells in there since July 18, 1950.  



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