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Find Out Where Your House Would Be At The Time Of The Dinosaurs

This interactive globe shows Earth from 750 million years ago right up to today.


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A globe of Earth during the Pangaea supercontinent era

This is how our planet looked during the Pangaea supercontinent era approximately 335 million years ago. Image credit: ManuMata/

Simply type in your address into this interactive map and you can see what your location looked like at the time of the dinosaurs and beyond. Using the Ancient Earth Map – freely accessible at – you can easily click through these colossal changes and see how the Earth appeared through the eons. 

The appearance of Earth, as we know it, is relatively new. The land and sea we see today – of Eurasia, the Americas, Africa, Antarctica, and Oceania – are the product of vast tectonic plates that slot together like a jigsaw puzzle. Very slowly, however, these jigsaw pieces move around. It’s not enough to notice within a human lifetime, but on the scale of millions of years, the Earth’s landmasses can make it look like a totally unrecognizable planet. 


The tool was created by Ian Webster with the help of plate tectonic data and paleogeographic maps by C.R. Scotese of the PALEOMAP Project. 

It opens to a view of our planet from 240 million years ago in the Pangaea supercontinent era, but you can select views from 750 million years ago right up to the present. For desktop users, if you hold down the left and right keys on your keyboard, you can even watch the continents break apart and eventually form the shape we know today.

The map also features options that allow you to see important moments in the history of life on Earth, such as the first vertebrates, the first hominins, and the extinction of the dinosaurs. 

Just make sure you watch out for the megalodons...


natureNaturenatureplanet earth
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