Trump Denies It, But He Definitely Said Global Warming Is A Chinese Hoax

Last night's debate took place at Hofstra University in New York. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Robin Andrews 27 Sep 2016, 16:38

Last night, more than 100 million people tuned in to watch Donald Trump debate Hillary Clinton in the first of three presidential verbal tournaments. By debate, of course, we mean that a confused, ill-prepared, xenophobic, wonky-minded lunatic continually interrupted a patient, intellectual, calm, focused woman.

Most commentators across the political spectrum decided that Clinton clearly won the debate. Science and basic logic, however, clearly lost out as The Donald tried to once again erase his own past. At one point, Clinton said that “Donald says climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese.”

“I did not, I do not say that,” he fired back.

Yes, Donald, you did, as this now-infamous tweet reveals.


This is as fantastically daft an idea as letting a badger fly a helicopter. Fortunately, as many people across the Web have already noted, this is far from the first time that this blustering maniac has denied climate change is happening.


It’s safe to say that he’s pretty damn angry with climatologists. Just look at all those capital letters!


Not that this really needs to be spelled out yet again, but climate change is definitely happening, and it’s certainly being driven by human activities. The evidence is clear, the consensus is indisputable, and more responsible lawmakers are beginning to take action against it.

Trump himself secretly knows it’s a real phenomenon. One of his golf courses in Ireland has a wall built around it in order to shield it from sea level rise caused by – you guessed it – climate change.

Nature is actually trying to do its best to compensate for all the carbon dioxide we’re spewing out into the world, with the ocean absorbing almost 90 percent of the extra heat we’ve produced. Without it, the planet would be warming 360 times faster than what would naturally be expected at this point in Earth’s history.

Thankfully, we’re just managing to screw up the climate at a measly 10 times the natural rate. This will only wreck the global economy, kill off agriculture, and start a whole bunch of wars, so no biggie.

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