Why Does This Arctic Fox Have Such A Creepy Laugh?!


Tom Hale

Senior Journalist

clockMar 24 2016, 16:18 UTC
565 Why Does This Arctic Fox Have Such A Creepy Laugh?!
Kristina Shafer/@krizzles/Instagram

This is Archer, the 4-year-old Arctic fox who appears to crack up any time he hears a laugh.

The video was originally uploaded by his owner, Kristina Shafer, to Facebook and Instagram. The video has since spread to viral video pages and gathered millions of views.


As incredible as Archer’s infectious laugh is, it’s worth remembering that it’s illegal to keep foxes in many parts of the United States. Additionally, as wild animals, they can be troublesome to care for and require a lot of dedication.

As Shafer told ABC News, “Arctic foxes are definitely not for everyone since they’re not the easiest pet to have, but I did a lot of research and decided they were for me. They take a lot of dedication in terms of training.”

"He's a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox," she added.



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