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BBC Releases 40 Hours Of Breathtaking Planet Earth II Bonus Footage

Planet Earth lovers, rejoice! The BBC has uploaded hours' worth of extra footage to YouTube. The bonus film was captured by Planet Earth II camera teams while out on location.

An ethereal odyssey, the cinematography soars above craggy mountain peaks, windswept islands, lush tangles of trees, and scorched desert rocks.


The background footage from the acclaimed documentary series is split into four 10-hour “soundscapes” – one for mountains, islands, jungles, and deserts. Much of the visuals are B-roll that didn't make it past the cutting room floor, and although the videos do repeat themselves after a certain point, it is gorgeous to look at and certainly relaxing.

The release is part of the BBC’s Real Happiness Project, a study in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley. Their research found that watching nature documentaries relieves stress and makes people feel happier. The study involved more than 7,500 participants, as well as a review of over 150 scientific studies. 

"We're always striving to bring our audiences closer to nature and it's thrilling to see how this can generate such positive emotions and have a powerful impact on our viewer's mood and wellbeing," said Mike Gunton, executive producer of Planet Earth II, in a statement back in March. "I hope that in sparking an appreciation of the natural world, Planet Earth II will also encourage people to love and protect the natural world."

So what better way to wind up the working week than to stream a video of Planet Earth II in the background?


Island sounds:


 Jungle sounds: 

 Desert sounds: 


 Mountain sounds:


natureNaturenatureplanet earth
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