A Sneak Peak Of Inner City Leopards Hunting Pigs In "Planet Earth II"


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Tom Hale

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Senior Journalist

The UK is lovestruck by BBC’s Planet Earth II at the moment. Recent viewing figures found that more young people in the UK watch the Attenborough-narrated nature documentary than the "talent show" X Factor.

If you don't have access to the BBC, you haven't managed to catch it yet, or you live under a rock, here's a good insight into why it's so immensely loved. 


The BBC have released a snippet from the upcoming “Cities” episode, which showcases how wildlife manages to thrive in this very “unwild” habitat. Complete with its own chase scene, the 2-minute video shows a leopard hunting pigs in the dead of night against the backdrop of inner city Mumbai, India. The darkness requires all the filming to be done with night vision cameras, giving a unique look while retaining a surprising amount of detail.

This season is coming to an end on Sunday, but the last episode is set to be truly remarkable, even by the show's own high standards. The finale episode will feature falcons hunting in New York, langurs in northern India, the wild hyenas in Harar, and a handful of other stories.

For those in the US, the Planet Earth II premiere airs on January 28, 2017, on BBC America


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