Two-Headed Cobra Found In China


Danielle Andrew

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clockAug 12 2015, 20:20 UTC
1737 Two-Headed Cobra Found In China

A Chinese snake breeder recently made a rather unexpected discovery: a two-headed baby Chinese cobra, both with individual, fully-functioning brains.

So far the unique animal is yet to eat or drink water on its own and is currently being cared for at Nanning Zoo. An official from the Zoo told Discovery that the snake is pencil thin with a brown backside, and is currently 20 centimeters long.


Both halves move independently of each other and have even displayed aggressive behavior and posturing toward one another. Nanning Zoo noted that the two heads will often come together as if to fight.

If the snake does begin to eat and drink naturally, it’s possible that it could grow to its full length of 1.2 meters.

Check out the YouTube video of the snake by Extra World News below.




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