Trump Administration Removes All References To Climate Change From White House Website


Courtesy of the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine

"The requested page "/energy/climate-change" could not be found.”

The instant President Trump took the oath of office on Friday, an information page about climate change on the White House website was deleted


Instead, a site called “America First Energy Plan” claims that the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the US rule – designed specifically to protect American water bodies – is detrimental to society. The aim of the Climate Action Plan is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

“For too long, we’ve been held back by burdensome regulations on our energy industry," the page says. "President Trump is committed to eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the U.S. rule.”

To make matters worse, it continues with: “The Trump Administration will embrace the shale oil and gas revolution to bring jobs and prosperity to millions of Americans.”

Except, you know, a recent report just found that the renewable energy sector employs more people than oil, coal, and gas combined in the US.


In typical-Trump style, though, he has refuted evidence for backward logic, denying what a vast majority of scientists have found after years of detailed work and study. 

This is what the site looked like on Thursday, January 19:


Courtesy of the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine

The new site does add: "Lastly our need for energy must go hand-in-hand with responsible stewardship of the environment. Protecting clean air and clean water, conserving our natural habitats, and preserving our natural reserves and resources will remain a high priority."


But it does not mention renewables. It does, however, touch on his plan for “clean coal” – an often used oxymoron of his, as “clean coal” is in fact a carbon-rich fossil fuel that is extremely harmful to the environment. 

“The Trump Administration is also committed to clean coal technology, and to reviving America’s coal industry, which has been hurting for too long.”

As is well known, 44th President Barack Obama has been an avid advocate of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, most notably signing the Paris Agreement. Unfortunately, the upcoming forecast for climate change research and mitigation in the US looks grim. 

This is what the scrubbed site now looks like:




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