This Tiny Hamster With An Equally Tiny Cast Is All You Need To See Today


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer

Oh my goodness. GeorgeOnee via Reddit/Twitter

There’s arguably nothing more adorable than tiny, cute animals – except, of course, tiny, cute animals being given a little helping hand by humans. If Tumbles the two-legged puppy in a 3D-printed wheelchair didn’t give you a serious case of the awws, then this misfortunate hamster with one of its legs in the world’s smallest casts may just do the trick.

Reddit user GeorgeOnee posted this now widely-circulated photograph of the injured little silly thing on August 26, accompanied by the caption “Little fellow broke his arm..” and no additional information. Users of the appropriately named r/aww subreddit took to its adorableness immediately, with some asking if they could sign his cast.


Assuming this little fellow is being successfully nursed back to full health, we can all rest assured that our enjoyment of this minuscule medical emergency is perfectly guilt-free. In fact, somewhat unsurprisingly, the Internet seems a little overjoyed at the image.

A word of warning, though. According to one source, hamsters are too small for any splints or casts to be effective, and they will simply chew it off anyway when you are not looking. If your pet hamster does take a tumble, you should probably take it straight to the local veterinarian rather than perform a bit of on-the-spot medical DIY.

If you’re now craving some additional internal cuteness supernovae, I suggest you click here, where you will be able to witness a man being smothered by wild bunny rabbits on a Japanese island.


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