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Aliyah Kovner

Aliyah Kovner

Science Writer

  • San Francisco
  • 573 articles published
  • 429 days at IFLS
Aliyah is a full-time science writer and sometimes media producer based in the Bay Area. She grew up under the redwoods on a steady diet of ZooBooks (remember those?), PBS, National Geographic, and her mom’s medical journals. After completing her undergrad in Biology, she received a Master’s of Science Communication in the UK. Her go-to subjects are ecology and the environment, zoology, and weird and wonderful medical discoveries. She particularly loves busting public misconceptions about health and is prone to pointing out examples of the many “groundbreaking”, headline-grabbing studies that were actually done in mice, not humans. If all goes to plan, she will be living in a treehouse in the Costa Rican jungle in the near future.

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