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1762 Shark Week Drinking Game
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Shark Week! Each summer since 1988, Discovery Channel has come up with new programming to teach viewers about the mystery and power of sharks, which have existed on the planet for 420 million years.. Whether you’re into sharks for their agility, strength, or just want to see a seal get its face eaten off, it's the right time of year for shark fans.

Why not celebrate the festivities this week with the IFLS Shark Week Drinking Game? Grab a drink, some friends, the number for a taxi service to bring you or your guests home, and let’s go:


- One sip every time a shark is shown leaping out of the water

- One sip every time a shark attack survivor talks about how lucky they are

- One sip when you see a re-enactment

-Drink for as many seconds as there were shark attacks at a particular location (you better hope they don’t bring up the USS Indianapolis!)


-Take a drink any time the movie Jaws is referenced. Drink for five seconds every time you hear the theme song.

-Drink for five seconds each time a shark is given a tracking device

- One sip when a POV shot is shown; finish your drink if it is from a surfboard

-Drink for the length of every slow-motion attack


- One sip when a shark’s dorsal fin is poking out of the water

- One sip when a new shark expert is introduced. Drink for five seconds if he/she has an Australian accent.

-Take a drink of water every time you see advertising for a rerun of the mockumentary Megaladon. It’s a buzz kill and deserves to be treated as such.

-Raise your glass in reverence when shark conservation is mentioned, then finish your drink.


If you aren’t able to watch Shark Week as it happens this year or want to play this game a different time, Netflix has 4 collections of Shark Week programming available for streaming!

What other rules do you suggest?


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