Lucky Photographer Captures Epic Battle Between Sea Snake And Stonefish


Kristy Hamilton

West Coast Editor

clockAug 31 2015, 17:55 UTC
2111 Lucky Photographer Captures Epic Battle Between Sea Snake And Stonefish
Rick Trippe

A spearfisherman caught on camera two deadly sea creatures locked in a battle for their life. 

Rick Trippe, an Australian spearfishing champion, spotted the violent skirmish while diving on a World War Two wreck in Darwin Harbour.


“With curiosity we motored over to find this massive thick sea snake close to two meters [6.6 feet] long, with a poisonous fish in its mouth,” Trippe told Daily Mail Australia. “The fish had a great hold on the sea snake [too].”

On one side of the battle was a stonefish: One of the most venomous sea creatures in the world, each of its needle-sharp spines harbor potent neurotoxins.

Image Credit: Rick Trippe


On the other side was a sea snake: a venomous serpent with a powerful bite and oar-like tail.

Image Credit: Rick Trippe

Locked in a stalemate, Trippe decided to take matters into his own hands and pulled the two sea creatures apart – a risky endeavor considering the highly venomous bite of the snake and the toxic spines of the stonefish.


Image Credit: Rick Trippe

Unfortunately, the battle didn’t end there: “The snake made a beeline back to the fish," he told the BBC.

So who won the battle of the bites? This time, the sea snake came out on top.

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