"Scratching" Sounds A Woman Heard Were Caused By Spider Living In Her Ear

2681 "Scratching" Sounds A Woman Heard Were Caused By Spider Living In Her Ear
FOX 32 News via Daily Mail Online / Twitter

For one woman, it all started with “scratching” noises that only she could hear. Then a sharp pain stabbed at her ear. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories worked to no avail – strange sensations continued to plague her. After a week of distress and confusion, she went to the doctors. The final diagnosis: Her ear was playing host to a spider. This was the frightening discovery of 25-year-old Li Meng.

The spider found the architecture of her ear to be such the snugly layout for its home that it weaved a web inside the cavity. When the doctor tried to extract the arachnid, the creature did not take kindly to the eviction.


Thankfully, all that was needed was a drop of medicine to calm the furious spider down and a pair of tweezers to pry the eight-legged creature from her ear.

Critters that find comfort in human ears is by no means a one-time occurrence. If this should happen, the best course of action is to visit a doctor to remove the spider for you. The species in Li Meng’s ear has not been specified at this time. However, the doctor speculates that the creature crawled into the patient’s ear when she climbed a tree while on a hike with her boyfriend.

Hopefully, next time the spider can find a non-human home to lodge in. 

[H/T: FOX 32 News]


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