Science Has A Crack At Defining The Ideal Male Butt Shape

It’s not too wide and protruding, but not flat and small.


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti


Dr. Alfredo Carpineti

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the butt on a male statue in florence

Is your butt so good your lover carved it in marble for all to see?

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If you want to know what an esthetically pleasing male butt looks like, look no further. A new paper has the answer for you, showing the right proportions and angles for what is to be considered the most desirable masculine rear-end one can find. And we have to agree those are good butts.

Plastic surgery researchers conducted an online survey of 2,095 individuals who were asked to rate three views of male buttocks: from the side, a three-quarter view, and facing them. Each view was digitally altered across five variants to present possibilities in terms of how much it sticks out, its general roundness, and its width. It seems that there is a happy middle when it comes to enjoying a man’s butt.


"Our results demonstrate that there is a preferred male gluteal aesthetic," lead author Dr Ashit Patel, of Duke University, said in a statement. "The findings suggest that a moderately enhanced, well-proportioned appearance is most desirable."

The team found that the preferred thigh–to-buttock ratio (measuring the side length of the butt in the middle, and the thigh just below the butt) is 1.18. The team also estimated what the height of the butt should be compared to the width, coming out with a ratio of 0.66, and the angle between the crack and the edge in a three-quarter view, which came to 66 degrees. Round and thick, but still retaining muscular features.

"In our survey, raters thought the ideal male buttocks shouldn't be flat, but also shouldn't stick out too far," added Dr. Patel. "The buttocks shouldn't be too wide, and should retain the characteristic dimple on the sides."

The survey respondents were moderately diverse, and looking at the different responses from different groups reveals that the average is not exactly a Platonic ideal. African-American respondents preferred slightly larger buttocks, both in ratios and angles. Asian-American respondents were on the other end of the spectrum. Gay, bisexual, and heterosexual men all preferred a butt that sticks out more, but there was a distinction in terms of the angle – men who have sex with men preferred a fuller one. 


The researchers highlight how different cultural influences in the United States have played a crucial role in these desires, which then fuel expectations when it comes to cosmetic surgery. That said, there were no major differences across genders, with non-binary people, men, and women (both cis and trans) broadly agreeing on what a good butt looks like.

Similar to expectations for women’s physiques, the expectations for a man’s “ideal” body are important when it comes to cosmetic surgery to enhance one's physical attributes. The researchers point out how their paper helps inform how to sculpt a good butt in gender-affirming surgery for both cis and trans men. Or, indeed, anyone who wants to have a masculine derrière.

The study is published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


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