Giant Squid Tries To Steal Fish From Russian Fishing Boat

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1435 Giant Squid Tries To Steal Fish From Russian Fishing Boat
It just wants some of your tasty fish. Polit Ru/YouTube

Russian fishermen aboard a fishing vessel became unlikely challengers against a large squid when it tried to seize their caught fish.

Shown in the video below, the squid repeatedly attempts to snaffle the ‘catch of the day’ in its beak while the fishermen onboard push it away. The dejected cephalopod floats away without its fishy treasure, but not before giving a great display of its large body and lengthy tentacles as it descends into the waters.


Due to its size, it is not easy to identify whether this is a giant squid or an immature colossal squid.



The eyes of a giant squid "are supposedly the largest in the animal kingdom,” producer Leslie Schwerin, who filmed a documentary about the creature, told Discovery. “As big as a basketball perhaps. I mean bigger than my head, which is amazing to think about. And that’s so they can see in the dark.”


“We can’t see down 2,000 feet [610 meters] - it’s all dark to us - but they see things. They see light trickling through, and that’s because their eyes are so big.”

[H/T: RT]

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