Ridiculously Enormous Alligator Captured On Camera


Screen capture from Facebook video posted by Kim Joiner

A giant alligator casually sauntered past a group of awed tourists at a Florida nature center over the weekend. 

Kim Joiner captured the massive beast on video, while Kristi Buckley, a fellow onlooker, told WFLA: “He looks almost prehistoric, and just watching his feet flop as they hit the ground was amazing.”


The exact size of the gator, seen at the Circle B Bar Reserve, is not known at this time, however Joiner estimates he comes in at around a massive 3.6 meters long (12 feet long).

The creature doesn’t quite make the record books yet, as the current record-holder for the largest alligator found in Florida is 4.3 meters (14 feet, 3.5 inches) in length.

Of course, these crocodilians are nothing new to Florida natives, even if the size of this alligator is impressive. And let’s be honest, the creature does harken one’s mind back to prehistoric dinosaurs plodding around the planet.

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