Redditors Are Sharing Weird Myths That People Somehow Still Believe

You probably believe a few of these.

James Felton

James Felton

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clockOct 3 2022, 14:43 UTC
Salmon, two halves of a boiled egg, and a glass of milk.
Contrary to belief, salmon and milk is not the same as cyanide. Image credit: Ground Picture/

Redditors have been sharing their favorite "myths that people still believe", and we're willing to bet you either believe one of them or know someone who does. 

Here are a few of the best ones. As always, we'll jump in if anything needs elaborating.


Yes, there's a strange urban myth that if you swallow chewing gum it stays in your body for seven years to digest, with variations of it stating that it remains specifically in your stomach. While categorically not true, and the seven year figure is picked from seemingly nowhere, there have been cases of people becoming ill due to chewing gum lodged in their various passages. 

One boy repeatedly ate chewing gum, which became lodged in his lower intestines. After attempting a high-fiber diet and enemas, doctors had to resolve the situation under sedation, removing a “taffy-like” blob of gum from his rectum. In another girl, doctors found a suspicious multi-color mass which turned out to be gum.

This one is baffling on the list, with other variations stating that sleeping with wet hair will make you go insane. File this under "it definitely won't" and "it's so obviously nonsense it hasn't been investigated scientifically".


Mixing milk and fish will not poison you, as can be surmised from the existence of fish pie.

Not clear where this started, but your blood is never blue (except in incredibly rare exceptions) – though it looks that way as it goes through your veins due to your tissue absorbing more red light than blue.

No, a mix of acid and a distinct lack of sunlight and soil is not the ideal environment for a seed to grow in.


Correct, there is no compelling evidence for peeing on yourself or someone who has been stung by a jellyfish, so don't put yourself through the embarrassment for no reason whatsoever. Vinegar and/or heat, however, do help

Yep. In fact, sometimes it hits the same person multiple times.

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