First Ever Footage Of Terrifying Deep-Sea Animal

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95 First Ever Footage Of Terrifying Deep-Sea Animal
Screen shot via MBARI

Anglerfish are most well-known for the bioluminescent protrusion off the heads of females. As light is scarce in the deep sea, prey are attracted to the light, and they quickly get eaten. Because this area is so dark, scientists have not been able to gather a lot of information about how these fish actually live, until now.

A remotely operated submarine controlled by scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has filmed a small angerfish in its environment for the first time, giving amazing new insight into how these fish live.


They also collected the fish for study. This is fairly exciting, as most anglerfish that are examined are already dead. Though it might seem cruel, collecting a few specimens for study allows scientists to better understand the biology and needs of the species, which can be invaluable to conservation efforts.



[Hat tip: GrindTV]


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