This Cat Dragged In Something A Little More Unusual Than A Dead Mouse


Robin Andrews

Science & Policy Writer


Yeah? Well you search stock image libraries for "police cat" and do better. Benny Marty/Shutterstock

Cats are known for bringing in nearly dead or definitively deceased animals from the outside world and dumping them, perhaps still twitching, at your doorstep. What they are not renowned for, however, is bringing home a plastic bag full of what appears to be Class A drugs – things like heroin and cocaine.

According to a tweet sent out by the Ashley Police Team in Bristol, England – part of the larger Avon and Somerset Constabulary – a cat reportedly succeeded in doing just that. The cat’s owner, surprised at the appearance of the drugs in the middle of the night, called the police straight away.


“Look what the cat dragged in,” the police officers gleefully tweeted. How long do you reckon they’ve been waiting to use that one?


Another tweet by a related account revealed that the owner found the drugs, which have yet to be formally identified, in the cat’s bed. The cat, quite content, was found curled up next to them.

Social media reactions to the cat bringing in the drugs have been mixed, ranging from users wondering why a cat would ever want to bring a plastic bag home, to people wanting a cat like that for themselves. Some unpleasant human suggests apropos of nothing that the cat is doing a better job than the local police, as if it is genuinely trying to keep cocaine off the mean streets of Bristol.

One social media denizen suggests that if the feline had sampled any of the drugs, there might have been a catastrophe. That tweet currently, and deservedly, has no likes or retweets.


The police, on the other hand, simply ask those worried about drugs or crime to report their fears or thoughts or tips anonymously to the Crimestoppers hotline or website.

I suppose a cat could have brought back the bag itself. A quick browse of cat-based chat online reveals that some cats have brought back baby rabbits, canaries, teddy bears, shoelaces, flying squirrels, muskrats, and even a bat.

Nothing there about a bag of drugs, though. Would it be a stretch to suggest that it’s possible the owner was the one with the bag of drugs, and in a moment of crisis and boldness decided to blame the stash on his cat?


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