Polar bear cub at Toronto Zoo has first experience with snow

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284 Polar bear cub at Toronto Zoo has first experience with snow
Toronto Zoo

A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to a polar bear cub named Remy. tHe's currently under special care at the Toronto Zoo. A new video has been released that shows the cub as he is introduced to snow for the first time.

Though he is nearly three months old, Remy hasn’t had any previous experience with the snow due to health concerns. Born a triplet, his two siblings died within 48 hours of birth and his health began to decline as well. Fearing that the cub would have a similar fate, he had to be taken away from his mother and the exhibit at the zoo in order to undergo constant treatment and care for the first three months of life, which are the most crucial to the cub’s survival.


Remy’s health has improved while under the care of the zoo’s Wildlife Health Centre and he is making good progress while he learns to walk and feed himself. With his thick fur growing in nicely, Remy will be well suited for his environment. Zoo officials have stated that he will be out of intensive care and ready to meet the public sometime this spring.


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