Anti-Abortion Activist Charlie Kirk Declares Dolphin Fetus Is "Without A Doubt" A Human Being

Without a doubt, that is a human. Image credit: Ben Gleib/Twitter, Budimir Jetvic/

Anti-abortion activist Charlie Kirk has gone further than other anti-choice advocates of recent times, declaring that a dolphin fetus is "without a doubt" a human being. 

For his show Debate Night with Charlie Kirk, Kirk invited on guest Ben Gleib. It was on this platform, which describes itself as a space to "bring the contested ideologies of today to the forefront of the cultural conversation" that he declared a dolphin fetus to be a human person. We guess he wasn't kidding when they declared that "on Debate Night, nothing's off the table".

Comedian Ben Gleib brought his own props to use in a discussion around abortion, an ultrasound which he presented to Charlie Kirk, asking "do you truly believe, in your heart of hearts, do you truly believe that this is a human being?"

"Without a doubt," Kirk replies without hesitation. It's at this point that Gleib reveals he's looking at a dolphin fetus.


"Without a doubt, a dolphin fetus is a human being," Gleib asks him to confirm. "This is a human??"


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