New Ram Electric Trucks Will Have A Little Robot To Charge Them For You

It's 2023, who wants to be plugging things in anymore?


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clockJan 23 2023, 14:53 UTC
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This just looks like too much effort. Image Credit: buffaloboy/

The new electric Ram Revolution truck will come with your very own little robot that charges it when you arrive home, according to a Ram presentation at CES. Shaped like a huge Roomba, the charging bot detects how much charge you need and positions itself underneath the vehicle to wirelessly charge it, allowing you to be even lazier than usual and never need to plug the wall charger in. 

The “Ram Charger” will be an autonomous wireless charging pad that can be programmed to charge off-peak and will supposedly require no user interaction – simply park up and the truck will begin charging. Such a system would be the first autonomous charging system that will come with any electric vehicle


 It marks one of multiple new pieces of technology the company announced for their upcoming EV, including “shadow mode”, which makes the vehicles follow you around as you walk.  

Perhaps the only downside is that the current efficiency is just 7 kW, which is standard for most home chargers but does not compete with many modern three-phase chargers, which can reach 22 kW. According to Ram, they plan on extending this power delivery in the future. 

The Ram Charger will debut in 2025, which won’t quite come out at the same time as the Revolution truck, but it will be a fun add-on if you really, really don’t want to plug your truck in after a journey. 

[H/T: Electrek]

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