Mother Rabbit Attempts to Disembowel the Snake that Killed her Babies


Danielle Andrew

Editorial Intern

1006 Mother Rabbit Attempts to Disembowel the Snake that Killed her Babies
Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. Dennis W. Donohue/Shutterstock

When you think bunnies what springs to mind? Probably cute, fluffy, docile little mammals kept all over the world as a pets, or maybe even the smiling Easter Bunny that brings joy to people all around the world every spring.

But did you also realise they could be aggressive creatures that are happy to turn the tables on the standard predator/prey relationship when threatened? Launching wild and vicious attacks, and even chasing down hunters after they've given up on their quarry.


Take a look at this video, apparently recorded in eastern U.S, of a cotton tail bunny turning the tables on a mean looking black rat snake after it killed two of its babies and went after a third.

The black rat snake uses constriction to kill its prey and isn’t venomous. It had squeezed two rabbit babies to death and the squeaking you hear at the start of the video is the third alerting it’s mother of the danger. Without hesitation mother bunny hops to the rescue, scratching at the snake and even attempting to disembowel it with its sharp claws by rolling over and kicking up at the serpent.

Many baby rabbits are killed in the nest, which in turn forces them to leave it in as little as 10-12 days, despite continuing to nurse from the mother for another few weeks. Mother rabbits, like many animal parents, are aggressively protective over their defenceless off-spring and will mount a frenzied attack to repel or hurt a predator.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ll be able to muster up as much as convincing “awhhh” as usual the next time I see my friends bunny innocently munching on his carrot….